Patrick Putzker

21 Octayne / Tides Awaking

I started to discover my passion for rhythms when I was very young. My mother loved listening to music and I jammed along with chopsticks because I noticed it made her happy. When I was 10 years old I started taking drumming lessons. I decided to focus on my playing and was very motivated so I practiced every day. After a while I started working as an instructor at our local music school, teaching drums to students from 4-15 years old Due to my interest in technology and music I started studying Media Technology and learned a lot about mixing, recording and producing - especially when it comes to drums.

In Summer 2014 I decided to take music seriously and started a band with big goals - Tides Awaking. Touring took a lot of my time, and made me unable to keep working at our local music school. But I still enjoy teaching when I have the time.

My journey with Tides Awaking has just begun, but we already achieved and experienced a lot over the last two years. I’m so proud and happy to represent GreinerKilmer from now on!

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His Drum

I proudly play a 6x13 custom GreinerKilmer segmented snare. Its shell is made out of walnut which is one of the most beautiful woods in the world to me.  I just love the color of walnut lumber and it also adds a lot of attack to my snare. The center stripe is bloodwood which has become my favorite wood. To my mind that was the perfect choice because the drum appears alive due to the fact that there is a blood colored center stripe in it symbolising a vein. Two zebrawood accent stripes around it add a nice exotic look to the drum.

I always believed that a snare represents the heart of a drum kit. My snare is just an incredible work of art and I love it.  It’s unbelievably versatile and I love experimenting with it in lots of different genres and styles. Due to it’s sizes and the wood my snare has a lot of attack but it does not lose the tone of the drum itself. The dynamic range is incredible - from very precise quiet ghost notes to blustering, cracking rimshots that cut through any sound - it covers everything perfectly.
GreinerKilmer is owned by true masters of the craft that build real unique drums, can’t wait to get my hands on a full GreinerKilmer drumset!
I’m proud and honored to be a part of the family now and to say: I play GreinerKilmer.
When will you take pride in what you play?