My 2016 Signature Snare

In 2011 I paced the floor of what would become the Greiner Kilmer shop with my new friend and business partner, Kaleb Kilmer.  We were in pursuit of different varities of wood we could put together in assembling the first snare drum with a Greiner Kilmer badge and my signature. 5 years later, Kaleb and I deliberated about how to commemorate that first signature snare, and we landed on the 2016 Matt Greiner signature snare.

Like every drum from GK, it is built by hand with heart, yielding a product that is truly one of a kind.  The difference between my new signature snare, is that I designed it to my playing style and preferred sound.  I knew I wanted it, like my first GK signature snare, to consist of maple, cherry, and walnut. This combination of woods gives me the brightness and attack I need to cut through the mix, but also has warmth and depth to give the snare body and a nice crack.


The shell is 5.5x14"; I have liked 14" snare drums for a decade now.  I've played 13" snares but found that 14" snares are a more versatile drum for my needs.  I have owned snares from 4" to 7.5" deep.  We designed this snare to be right in the 'sweet spot,' at 5.5", giving you options to tune to your preference. The depth is accented by the round-over/45 degree bearing edge that this snare boasts. Hand-cut and tested, GK edges hold true and take the headache out of tuning a snare to the sound you want.

All the hardware on this snare is tough and reliable, as it needs to be when I tour. The hoops and lugs are die-cast, and are not only strong, but also focus the sound of the drum. You can't get any better than the MAG strainer system, and the Remo heads and Puresound wires are what I proudly endorse!

I wanted this snare drum to be the one I pull out of the case when I arrive a gig or in the studio or even back at August Burns Red's practice space.  I wanted this snare drum to be the one I pick over the other snares I own, even my favorite snare drum, the GK 'Pioneer.'  

I am very proud of this 2016 Greiner Kilmer signature snare drum.  I put a lot of work into the design, based on my playing style and preferences for the snare drum of my dreams.  This is my favorite snare drum in my collection.  This drum has my name on it and I stand by it. 


Each time I play my signature snare drum, I grow more impressed.  I played it in the studio for the first time, recording a play through of August Burns Red's song, "Identity," and right out of the box, the snare sounded great.  I tuned the drum down a half turn to acquire more of a 'fat' sound.  Minutes later we were recording and I was very happy with the sound. Out of the studio and into the next week, I replaced the Coated Controlled Sound head with a Remo Black Max head.  It's a head typically used in marching but I like using them with August Burns Red, in live settings.  My drum tech and fellow GK artist, Adam Gray, hit the snare a few times after putting the Black Max on it, and smiled in approval.  The sound of this snare has only improved with time.

Posted on May 20, 2016 .