Toby Pool


I've been a self taught drummer since I was 15. I spent my first few years playing in an embarrassing high school screamo band with some of my best friends. In 2005 my friend Ricky reached out about needing a drummer for his new metal band This or the Apocalypse. I wrote/recorded all the drums on TOTA's debut album Sentinels, then left about a year later to finish college.

I played in an instrumental jam band called Its Teeth from 2008-2009. We wrote and recorded a 6 song EP together before our guitarist Jacob moved to Colorado (he currently still releases solo Its Teeth stuff.After Its Teeth, I spent the next few years just casually playing on my own.

I joined Bells in 2013. We're currently actively playing shows and writing material for a new album. Some notable bands we've shared the stage with include The XX, Caspian, RJD2, Washed Out, Mewithoutyou, and, August Burns Red.

You can keep up with me on: Instagram

His Drum

Kaleb and Matt are both great. Prior to owning my own GK snare, they let me borrow one for Bells shows on many occasions. It always sounded so good - I eventually couldn't go on without having one of my own.

They custom built me a 6x14 Walnut/Maple/Padauk snare drum. My drums need to cut through a ton of instruments and sample layers - and it never lets me down - easily the best snare I've owned to date.