Shane Csiszar


   I play drums for a progressive metal/metalcore band called Adverse. Ive been playing drums for 11 years now. Ever since I was a kid, the typical drumming on pots and pans was the noise that filled my house, until I was given my first drum set. Adverse, a Los Angeles based metal band has been together for just over 3 years now, in those three years we have released two E.P.'s, the first titled "Mark My Words" and the second "Of The Masses". Recently, Adverse traveled to Michigan to record a third E.P. with producer Joey Sturgis.

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His Drums

I play a Wenge and Canary wood kit (7.5x10,8.5x12,16x18,16x22), with a Zebrawood snare (6x14). My first impressions of when I got the kit was "WOW"!! What GreinerKilmer makes are more then just drums, they create art! From the first moment I sat behind my GK kit and played it I was in love! I cannot thank Kaleb and Matt enough for the opportunity and for such a beautiful looking, and sounding drum set! From the beginning, GreinerKilmer has been nothing but the best, both in regards of products and customer service!