Matt Greiner

August Burns Red

  I am the drummer for August Burns Red.  I started playing drums when I was 15 and started the band 2 years later while still in high school.  My love for drums stems from the challenge of drumming in a progressive genre.  I utilize my knowledge of off-time signatures and desire to make my instrument musical to create drum parts that compliment the songs but do more than hide in the background. 

I also play drums in church and am a drum instructor at home.

You can keep up with me on: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

His Drums  

My ideal kit setup is: 5.5x14" snare, 8x10" and 9x12" rack toms, and 14x16" floor tom, and a 18x22" kick drum with hi-hats, medium left and right crashes, a heavy ride, bells to the left and right, a medium sized china, and a medium trash stack.

I love being a part of Greiner&Kilmer. We make drums that sing. Each drum is different and unique from the next.  The time and integrity that goes into each drum is found in the details.  From wooden plank to valuable drum, Greiner&Kilmer is a rising star in the world of drum manufacturing.