Kortney Grinwis


I began drumming in 2005 when I was given a kit for Christmas. I began picking up beats and soon fell in love. I grew up playing in different bands with my friends around West Michigan. It was like having one giant family of kids with the same interests, it was incredible.

I started putting drum covers on YouTube in 2012 and was surprised at the response I got. I had people from all over watching my videos, it was overwhelming! A few popular artists and agents started seeing my videos and contacting me. Agents like Dave Shapiro tried helping me find a band. I had a few auditions with different bands, but nothing worked out for a few years.

I was spending my time playing with local bands and attending college when Mr. Shapiro called me in March of 2013, and offered me a position to drum for Hance Alligood's upcoming project called Favorite Weapon. I accepted and soon flew down to Ocala, Florida to track drums for "Sixty Saragossa" with producer, Tom Denney. That fall we left for tour, but things unfortunately didn't last with the band. It has been a crazy journey that I feel has just begun. I couldn't be more excited for the future!

You can keep up with me on: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube

Her Drum

I've been playing a GreinerKilmer - 14" x 5.5" Pioneer Series snare drum for about a year now and I can honestly say, it's the best, most diverse sounding snare drum I've ever heard. It's got that warm, yet bright pop that cuts through any sound. Not to mention, it's quite beautiful, I literally cried when I opened it. I believe a snare drum is the heart to the drum kit and the way it feels and projects sound says a lot about a player and their passion. Also, knowing that each drum is beautifully hand crafted by two of the greatest dudes, makes the drum that much better. I have looked up to Matt since the day I started playing and he's probably one of my biggest influences behind the drums, so it gives the company so much more soul to me. I'm so honored to be a part of the family and can't wait to someday play a full set of GreinerKilmer's.