Joe Libraro


I began drumming on my fathers drum kit as far back as I can remember. I learned basic beats from my older cousin who was also into drumming. Ever since then I fell in love and felt my passion for drums. When I got my first kit I was already in my first band 'All For One'. We were just a group of my friends that basically just jammed everyday until the cops arrived from a noise complaint. The band lasted a good 6 years, but some of the members we offered other projects and had different life goals. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out for Proletariat. I was approached by them at shows we played together and they mentioned me becoming their drummer but I thought they were just joking around. I learned a few songs and was in the band within the same week I was asked to try out. Ever since joining Proletariat I have had nothing but success. I have been able to share stages with bands that I have looked up to forever. Drumming is my life and I will do whatever it takes to continue playing and learning new grooves and more.

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His Drum

I play a 14x6.5”, 3/4” thick, walnut, padauk, and zebrawood GK snare.  I was lucky enough to take a mini road trip from NJ to the shop and pick up my drum, tour the shop, play a GK kit and get some amazing real deal BBQ. I have always been a huge fan of Matt Greiner and once I saw he started his own drum company with Kaleb I have been interested in purchasing a drum from them. I never thought I would actually become apart of the GK family. I met Kaleb at Launch music festival and was blown away by his professionalism and friendliness. About a week later I received the official email and was asked to join the GK family and I was in such shock I have been playing one of the most amazing snares I have seen and heard.  The way the drums are personally made and designed still amazes me. I am honored to be apart of such and amazing and growing family. I see nothing but success and growth for GK.