I started developing an interest in drums when I was 11 years old and began playing for marching band. It wasn’t until I was 16 that I started diving into a full kit. I joined Young and Heartless in 2012 and have been touring and recording with them since. I love blending genres and using diverse beats and grooves to better compliment the song as a whole. My passion for playing drums grows stronger every time I’m behind the kit.

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His Drum

My ideal kit is a 7x14 Greiner & Kilmer Spotted Gum Stave Snare, 11x13 Rack Tom, 16x16 Floor Tom. I use a 21” A Zildjian Sweet Ride, a 19” A Zildjian Medium Crash, and 14” A Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats.

The beauty of Greiner & Kilmer snares certainly comes from the unique selection of wood and the precise care and craftsmanship put into them. Each snare has its own voice and that makes this company stand far above the rest.