Dylan Koen

Makeshift King

I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. I received my first kit at the end of 2004 after begging my mom for one. After some time of moving around and getting situated after being uprooted by Hurricane Katrine I landed in West Texas with some family where i would go on to meet a group called, Here Lies The Hero. Within 5 years we had grown to be a touring band, opening up for some of the popular bands. I personally did not have my heart set on moving to Los Angeles when they decided to do so, and instead stayed to be a part of the group "Makeshift King". We are a Christian Metal group based out of Dallas,Texas. We are currently in the process of writing and recording our first full length. We have an EP called "Reclamation" as well as a few covers that we have done for fun. We see a bright future for the band and look forward to sharing the good word with anyone and everyone we cross paths with in our future.

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His Drum

I am currently playing a 6.5x14" GreinerKilmer custom stave snare made by Kaleb Kilmer himself! My snare drum is made from blocks of Cocobolo and Canary and delivers one heck of a punch. I have recorded with it on several different occasions and in several different studios. Everyone who has ever heard, seen, or recorded it has liked it and complimented it. Kaleb and Matt offer a great instrument that i would recommend to anyone! I cant wait to get my hands on a full kit!