Brent Caltagirone


I've been playing drums since I was 10 and first started learning Metallica songs. I was then in the drumline and jazz band throughout high school, and have played every single genre of music since. I played in a melodic hardcore band named "A Song, An Epiphany" until 2008. Right before I joined This or the Apocalypse I helped form an indie rock bank called "Sheep and the Shears", and recorded a few EP's with them until we parted ways in 2014. I then played in "This Or The Apocalypse", a metal band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania from 2011- 2012. It was around then that I started playing Greiner&Kilmer drums. I then drummed for a rap group from Lancaster known as J-Bre and Dougie Kent (JBDK). I am currently the touring drummer for Emarosa. 

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His Drum

I play a 14x 6.5 sapele and maple stave snare from GK. Besides it being the most gorgeous snare I've ever seen, it's very versatile and sounds great. There are many reasons I love and support GK. I try to support local businesses, and it's easy to when the company makes quality products. I don't find myself being able to use the word "artisan" often but when explaining Greiner&Kilmer I can't find a better word. They are built by hand in a modest wood shop and each snare is crafted with the integrity and care you rarely see these days. I don't know many companies who would take me to the lumber yard personally and let me select the materials t be used to craft my instrument.