I started out hitting on lots of things with sticks before finally getting his first drum kit at age 14. Since then, I have been playing nonstop. Early on I was influenced by the the two Johns, John Bonham and Jon Theodore, and have since had a wide range of influences such as Brian Blade, Bryan St. Pere, Chris Dave, Tomas Haake, Bill Bruford, David Garibaldi, Lenny White and many more.

  I have been touring and recording since the age of 16, written music for theater and audio books, taught drum lessons for the last 4 years, and have had several major label releases.

You can keep up with me on: Instagram, and Facebook

His Drums

I play a custom cherry kit with curly maple stripes. I have 10,12, and 16 inch toms, a 22 inch kick, and a 13 inch Wild Horse snare. The Wild Horse snare gets attention at each show I use it at, and people love the look and sound of my kit!

I can honestly say that I love the drums that GK has made for me. They have such a natural feel to them. I think Kaleb and Matt are both awesome dudes who care about their customers and about making awesome drums.