About Our Drums

   At Greiner&Kilmer, we build our shells from scratch. Starting with hand-selected lumber, we construct our shells by hand. We monitor the process from the first cut to the last bolt to assure a one-of-a-kind and high quality drum. 

   We build what are called stave and segmented drum shells. The differences these shells have from ply shells include; They can be made out of nearly any wood, less glue in the shells, the ability to more easily construct thicker shells, and shells that are more truly round.

   We strive to build drums that are naturally beautiful, and don't rely on wraps, veneers, or custom paint jobs to set our drums apart. Instead, we select species of wood with eye-catching grain patterns and colors.

About Our Company

    Building timeless, beautiful, and functional drums is what Greiner&Kilmer wants to do. We provide drummers all over the world with the opportunity to take pride in playing the finest instruments available. We believe a better crafted instrument leads to a better playing experience.

   We are Matt Greiner and Kaleb Kilmer. Each of us are drummers, and  we always want to play drums that have as much passion put into their construction as we put into our playing.

   Greiner&Kilmer got it's start after Matt and Kaleb met at church in 2011. Combining Matt's love for the instrument, and Kaleb's history in woodworking, we set out to provide other drummers with the best tools to help them perfect their craft.

Who We Are

   Kaleb Kilmer runs the shop at Greiner&Kilmer. He has been playing drums since high school, and got his start building drums in 2010. He's had experience with woodworking since he was young, and spent several years refinishing antique furniture. He uses the lessons he's learned in his past to design, build, and finish drums. 

   He plays drums at his church in central PA, and also plays in a band called Don't Be Stupid. His favorite kit setup is: 5.75x14" and 4x10" snares, 9x13" rack tom, 16x16" and 16x18" floor toms, and a 14x24" kick drum with hi-hats, large left and right crashes, a large ride, and a small splash stack.

  You can keep up with Kaleb on his social media accounts to see pictures of drums, his beautiful wife, Brittany, and his two small dogs: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  


   Matt Greiner is co-owner of Greiner&Kilmer.  He has been playing drums since he was 15 years old and started August Burns Red in his basement in high school.  He met Kaleb Kilmer in early 2011 and started making plans to build a drum business with him that summer while on the Vans Warped Tour.  Matt's experience as a drummer both in the studio and on tour has aided in manufacturing drums that are exceptional.

Matt also plays drums in church and is a drum instructor at home.  His ideal kit setup is: 5.5x14" snare, 8x10" and 9x12" rack toms, and 14x16" floor tom, and a 18x22" kick drum with hi-hats, medium left and right crashes, a heavy ride, bells to the left and right, a medium sized china, and a medium trash stack.

You can keep up with Matt on his social media accounts to see pictures of drums, farming and tractors, and life on tour around the world: Instagram, and Twitter